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Geiger and Thomson Research Published in Chem

February 14, 2018

Professor Franz Geiger and Professor Regan Thomson's paper "Following Particle-Particle Mixing in Atmospheric Secondary Organic Aerosols by Using Isotopically Labeled Terpenes" has been published in Chem.

Summary of the published research, as provided by Chem: "The exchange of constituents between distinct types of aerosols is relevant to many processes important to atmospheric chemistry, combustion, bio-threat detection, and consumer-product formulations. However, because of the high similarity of aerosol mass spectrometer signals, it is difficult to distinguish between different aerosol populations and to track constituent exchange. The authors have overcome this hurdle by synthesizing deuterium-labeled terpenes as precursors for secondary organic aerosols and studying mixing driven by semi-volatile vapor exchange with particles formed from other unlabeled terpenes as well as toluene. They found that particles from isoprene and α-pinene ozonolysis absorbed vapors rapidly. Particles from limonene ozonolysis showed slower exchange, and particles from β-caryophyllene ozonolysis showed limited exchange. The results show that molecular exchange among particles from terpene oxidation becomes slower and less extensive as the precursor carbon number increases."

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