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Northwestern Chemistry Professors Ranked Among Top 20 Chemistry Research Scientists Globally

May 1, 2023

Kelly Levander

Northwestern University's Department of Chemistry continues to cement its position as a leading institution in the field with the recent announcement by that four Department professors have been ranked among the top 20 chemistry research scientists globally. Tobin Marks, Chad Mirkin, Mercouri Kanatzidis, and Fraser Stoddart, all esteemed faculty members of the Department, have been recognized for their exceptional contributions to the field. Globally, Tobin Marks ranked 6th, Chad Mirkin ranked 14th, Mercouri Kanatzidis ranked 16th, and Fraser Stoddart ranked 18th.

The inclusion of these four professors in the top 20 ranking is a testament to the significant contributions they have made to chemistry. On the national ranking scale, Northwestern's chemistry Department has more than 10 professors ranked in the top 100. Utilizing these metrics, Northwestern’s Department of Chemistry is included in the 15 highest-ranked research institutions globally for Chemistry.’s ranking of the best scholars in Chemistry is a reliable account of leading researchers in the discipline. It is based on a detailed study of 166,880 scholars determined from a variety of bibliometric data sources. The ranking is based on a researcher's D-index (Discipline H-index), which includes exclusively publications and citation metrics for an examined discipline. The bibliometric data for devising the citation-based metrics were gathered on December 21, 2022 from OpenAlex and CrossRef, the most trustworthy and well-known bibliometric databases of this type accessible to the research community. aims to inspire scholars, companies, and administrative bodies around the world to examine where leading experts are heading and to provide a way for the entire scientific community to learn who the leading experts in specific areas of study, in different countries, or even within research institutions.

Northwestern University's Chemistry Department has a long history of excellence in research, with a focus on interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation. The Department is proud to have four of its professors featured in the ranking.