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Presentation & Writing Skills

Ready, Set, Go (RSG) RSG trains graduate students and post docs in the STEM fields to convey the results of their research clearly and concisely to a broad variety of audiences, from expert to general. The program focuses on three important and basic components of communication: building confidence in all communication roles, enhancing the clarity of the message, and forming a connection with any audience.

It's offered during winter quarter and also summer quarter and is a course designed to improve presentation skills with a particular focus on presenting research to non-technical audiences. It's a 9 week program that's one 2-hour class per week.

Advanced Professional and Presentation Skills for Graduate Students If you can get into one of these workshops (first come, first serve), it is highly recommended. It covers communication and presentation skills, and you get one-on-one coaching sessions.

For more information, please contact Dr. Daniel Moser:

Writing Place The Graduate School and the Graduate Writing Place offer a series of two-hour graduate writing workshops throughout the academic year. The workshops are not discipline specific and provide participants with concrete strategies and exercises to improve both the quality and productivity of their writing both within the workshops and outside of them.

CLIMB PowerPoint and video files providing tips and guidance for oral and written communication.

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