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Check the Registrar’s Academic Calendar to find out when registration for each quarter begins and ends.  You must register for at least 3 classes and/or credits each quarter to attain full-time student status.

First Year
Please follow divisional requirements for course registration laid out in your orientation booklet. You must be registered for a minimum of 3 courses to be considered a full time student. Please note, that by the start of winter quarter you will have been matched with a research advisor.  Along with your required courses, register for Chem 590 “Research” with your assigned advisor(s).  You may need to select multiple credit hours (for a minimum of 3 credits) depending on the number of courses you are taking. 

Second Year
Register for 3 credits of Chem 590 “Research” with your assigned advisor(s).  Be sure that you select multiple credit hours.

Third Year and Above
Register for TGS 500. This is a full credit course so you do not need to select multiple credit hours.

Check The Graduate School’s “How to Register” webpage.

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