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Prospective Students

Dear Prospective Students,

Welcome! We are excited to identify the next group of students who will be a part of our community.

Graduate students are the core of our department, and the scientists who are creating new chemistry on a daily basis. Our graduate students bring new ideas and perspectives to our department. Recent discoveries in our department include:

We are looking forward to reading your applications for our program. Each application is evaluated by a team of chemistry faculty seeking the next generation of chemists. We are looking for curious, engaged scientists who will contribute to the forefront of scientific discovery. In reviewing applications we apply a holistic approach emphasizing research experience, a thoughtful approach to the chemical sciences, and the ability to thrive as part of a interdisciplinary scientific community. We pay close attention to your scientific perspective you share in your statement of purpose, insight into your research experience we glean from letters of recommendation, and your academic coursework.

Best regards,

Chemistry Graduate Admissions Chair 

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