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Biological Chemistry

Research focuses on elucidating the structures and mechanisms of action of diverse moieties, including nanoparticles, small molecules, natural products prepared via total synthesis, metalloenzymes, and metals, in biological systems; connecting such knowledge to disease state and disease diagnosis and treatment; developing and utilizing cutting-edge chemical analytical tools to understand cellular makeup and control cellular behavior and function; and utilizing innovative methodologies to unravel intricate protein and lipid dynamic processes involving changes in structure as well as electronic state. Theoretical contributions shed new light on our understanding of dynamic chemical and biological processes.

Biological Chemistry Research Areas:

bioinorganic chemistryBioinorganic Chemistry 

Electronic structure and spectroscopy • metal regulation • protein crystallography • diagnostics • therapeutics • bioprogrammable materials • quantitive imaging and probe development • metalloenzyme structure and function • inorganic physiology • biological proton transfer

Hoffman, Meade, Mirkin, O'Halloran, Rosenzweig

chemical biologyBioorganic Chemistry 

Molecular mechanisms of action, design and syntheses of bioactive small-molecules • neurodegenerative diseases • proteomics • bioorganic chemistry • natural product bio- synthesis and discovery • cell adhesion

Farha, Gianneschi, Kelleher, Kelley, Mrksich, Nguyen, Scheidt, 
Stupp, Thomson, Zhang 

biophysicsBiophysical Chemistry

Electronic, magnetic, and structural properties of metalloenzymes using advanced electron spin resonance (EPR) and X-ray absorption/scattering techniques • electronic structure and dynamics of photosynthetic proteins during energy and electron transfer • utilizing quantum coherent effects in biohybrid materials • lipid bilayer-nanoparticle interactions • protein folding

Chen, Geiger, Gingrich, Hoffman, Kelley, Odom, Rosenzweig, Tempelaar, Wasielewski 

theory computationTheory & Computation

Fundamental treatment of coherence processes • highly accurate wave function methods • time-dependent dynamical studies • control of chemical reactions • structure and function of biological membranes

Gingrich, Olvera de la Cruz, Schatz, Seideman, Szleifer, Tempelaar

total synthesisTotal Synthesis & Method Development

Natural product synthesis • alkaloids • polyketides • polycyclic molecules • organocatalysis • asymmetric catalysis • organometallic chemistry • polymers • new reaction discovery and development

Dichtel, Kalow, Malapit, Marks, Nguyen, Scheidt, Thomson