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The Chemistry Ph.D. handbook lists departmental requirements for the Ph.D. degree in Chemistry, along with a summary of the most significant general regulations of The Graduate School pertaining to this degree. Please use this document to find specific requirements for each year and for the final thesis defense.

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First Year

  • Selecting an Advisor and Research Project
  • Course Requirements
  • Teaching Requirements
  • Useful Documents

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Second Year

  • Qualifying Examination
  • Choosing the Exam Committee
  • Qualifying Exam Procedures

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Third/Fourth Year

  • Original Research Proposal (Orp)
  • Orp Guidelines And Forms
  • Quad Chart Examples And Forms
  • Funding Extension Forms

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Fifth Year/Defense

  • Thesis and Final Defense
  • Before the Ph.D. Exam
  • After the Ph.D. Exam
  • Additional Reminders

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