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Faculty Awards


Will's professional headshot

Will Dichtel  

2020 Blavatnik National Awards Laureate in Chemistry  

Omar's headshot

Omar Farha 

Academy of Arab Scientists Member  

Tobin's professional headshot

Tobin Marks

Tobin J. Marks Endowed Lecture in Chemical Discovery (University of Maryland, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry)

Tom's professional headshot

Thomas Meade 

2020 Gold Medal Award Winner from the World Molecular Imaging Society   


Franz's professional headshot          Paul's professional headshot

Franz Geiger and Paul Ohno 

2021 ACS Nobel Laureate Signature Award for Graduate Education in Chemistry

Amy's professional headshot

Amy Rosenzweig

2021 ACS Alfred Bader Award in Bioinorganic or Bioorganic Chemistry  

Mike's professional headshot

Mike Wasielewski 

2021 RSC Bruker Prize for EPR Spectroscopy 

Emily's professional headshot

Emily Weiss 

2021 ACS Award in Colloid Chemistry