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Faculty Awards


Omar's professional headshot

Omar K. Farha 

2019 Kuwait Prize

Julia's professional headshot, wearing a grey suit jacket

Julia Kalow 

2019 ACS PMSE Arthur K. Doolittle Award 

Chad's headshot

Chad A. Mirkin 

2019 Harry and Carol Mosher Award 

Fraser Stoddart's professional headshot

Sir J. Fraser Stoddart

2019 Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors 


Milan's professional headshot headshot

Milan Mrksich 

2020 Pittsburgh Analytical Chemistry Award 

Chad's headshot

Chad A. Mirkin 

2020 AAAS Philip Hauge Abelson Prize 

Teri's professional headshot

Teri W. Odom 

2020 ACS Award in Surface Chemistry 
Named as the New Editor-in-Chief of Nano Letters (ACS) 

Mike's professional headshot

Mike Wasielewski 

2020 Josef Michl ACS Award in Photochemistry 

Lin's professional headshot

Lin X. Chen 

2020 ACS Award in Experimental Physical Chemistry