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Professor Weiss' research on visible light and nanoparticle catalysts produce desirable bioactive molecules. 

Professor Farha's research on metal-organic framework-based composites don't need liquid water to work. 

Professor Freedman's research on quantum computing and climate change.

Professor Kanatzidis' research on a new neutron detector can fit in your pocket. 
Research Safety Student Initiative (RSSI) at Northwestern University has had a productive 2019, publishing articles in ACS Central Science; Literature Highlights, Community HighlightsSafety Highlights, and Lessons Learned—Fluoride Exposure in ACS Chemical Health & Safety. 
Professor Weiss is among ACS Energy Letters' "Women Scientists at the Forefront of Energy Research". 
Professor Mirkin's highest-throughput 3D printer is the future of manufacturing. 
Professor Mirkin featured in a national podcast on nanotechnology. 
Professor Poeppelmeier's research on catalytic method upcycles single-use plastic into high-quality liquid products. 
Professor Szleifer's research on chromatin organizes itself into 3D 'forests' in single cells. 
Women STEM leaders from around the world visit Northwestern.