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Faculty Awards


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Austin Evans and Will Dichtel 

2021 ACS Global Outstanding Student and Mentor Awards

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Omar Farha and Mark Hersam 

2021 American Association for Advances in Functional Materials (AAAFM)-Stoddart Award

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Franz Geiger  

Recognized by Ver Steeg Award 

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Joseph Hupp 

American Academy of Arts and Sciences Fellow   

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Julia Kalow 

2021 Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar  

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Thomas Meade 

Charles Deering McCormick Professor of Teaching Excellence  

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Chad Mirkin 

G.M. Kosolapoff Award 
2021 RSC de Gennes Prize

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Amy Rosenzweig 

2021 Hans Neurath Award

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Fraser Stoddart

2021 Corresponding Member of the Australian Academy of Sciences

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Michael Wasielewski

Elected as a Member of the National Academy of Sciences


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Chad Mirkin 

2022 Acta Biomaterialia Gold Medal