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Recent Events

2023 Summer Distinguished Lectures in Chemistry

KesslerIn July, Jonathan L. Sessler (The University of Texas at Austin) presented The James A. Ibers Summer Lectures in Inorganic Chemistry. A frequent NU collaborator, Professor Sessler discussed his work on expanded porphyrins and their applications to biology and medicine with the faculty and students.



Arnold EventIn August, Nobel Prize-winning chemist Frances H. Arnold (Caltech) presented the Myron L. Bender & Muriel S. Bender Distinguished Lectures in Organic Chemistry. Professor Arnold spoke about her work on enzyme evolution. She was a positive resource for our faculty and students in meetings to ask questions and share research ideas. 


These two events are the first of six Northwestern Chemistry Distinguished Lectures held throughout the Summer and Fall. These lectures are named after several prominent faculty who helped establish the Department as a leading institution in chemistry.


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