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Actina research

Better radiological images, with half the radiation

Scientists are developing a promising new material that improves radiation detection

Kelleher Research

Supercharged protein revs up biological processes

Top-down proteomics approach identify proteoform responsible for increasing the speed of TPI

Volexion Research

Startup Volexion thinking beyond the ‘Holy Grail’ of battery power

Spinoff company’s cathode coating results in a safer battery that is packed with power

Perovskite research

Fluorinated ligands stabilise perovskite solar cells

A new type of fluorinated ammonium ligand stabilises the surface of lead halide perovskites.

Tempelaar Research

Quantum interference overcomes photoexcitation annihilation

These researchers are developing amazing new ways to help restore our precious planet

Affirming Identity in stem

Affirming identity in chemistry classrooms

Knezz shows students that science can be inclusive

Kanatzidis image‘Who knew my love for minerals would lead to this?’

New mineral ‘kanatzidisite’ named after Mercouri Kanatzidis, recognizing chemist’s contributions to geology

Chen articleUnveiling the quantum dance: Experiments reveal nexus of vibrational and electronic dynamics

Coupling of electronic and nuclear dynamics revealed in molecules with ultrafast lasers and X-rays

Akava logoAkava Therapeutics, Inc. Announces FDA Clearance of Investigational New Drug Application for the Treatment of ALS 

Phase one trials in healthy humans can now begin

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