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Chemistry CARES



Our Mission

The mission of the Chemistry CARES Committee is to promote excellence and foster community within the Department of Chemistry through active representation and inclusion of individuals from diverse backgrounds.

The mission of the committee will be achieved by implementing the CHEMISTRY CARES program, which is represented by the following focus areas:

  1. Climate and Community: We will regularly survey the Department in the form of focus groups and department-wide surveys to help guide action plans and establish community buy-in.
  2. Accountability: We report to the department each year.
  3. Recruitment, Representation and Retention: We actively participate in TGS-based recruitment efforts.
  4. Education: We contribute relevant resource material for faculty, students, & staff.
  5. Support and Advocacy: We work with the graduate program office to promote the CARES concept within the department’s graduate program.

The Chemistry CARES Committee works alongside several existing department organizations, including NUBonD, the Graduate Liaison Committee (GLC), and Women in Science and Engineering (WISER), seeking to amplify their work towards our common goals.

As part of its mission, the Chemistry CARES Committee surveys the department and reports back to it on an annual basis. It works with various stakeholders across the department and the university.

Who we are

The Committee is comprised of members from all our department’s constituents, namely alumni, faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, post-doctoral scholars, and staff, providing a crucial intersection of the needs within and between these groups.

Photo of several of the committee's members


Photo of Professor Geiger

Professor Franz Geiger

Chair, Faculty Representative

A photo of Professor Knezz

Professor Stephanie Knezz

Faculty Representative

A photo of Professor thomson

Professor Regan J. Thomson

Affiliate Faculty Member

A photo of Saman Shafaie

Saman Shafaie

Staff Representative


Jonathan Maendel

Strategic Partner


Michael Blayney

Strategic Partner

A photo of Abdallah

Dr. Abdallah Diagne

Alumni Representative


Caitlin Denise Coplan

Graduate Student Representative


Dr. David Zhi Hong Zee

Postdoc Representative


Malenis Holloway

Staff Representative

person smiling

Dr. Steven Chapman

Postdoc Representative


Kelly Levander

Staff Representative


We thank our past members for their committee service