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Diversity Equity and Inclusion

We believe groundbreaking research and innovation is enhanced by collaboration between people with diverse backgrounds. To fully capitalize on our potential, cultivate leaders in the chemical sciences, and achieve scientific excellence, we need diversity in all dimensions.

At Northwestern, we emphasize five pillars and work to ensure that Chemistry CARES:

     (1) Culture and Community,

     (2) Accountability,

     (3) Recruitment, Representation and Retention,

     (4) Education, and

     (5) Support and Advocacy.

Representatives enacting this mission form the Department’s CARES Committee. 

The Chemistry CARES Committee works alongside several existing department organizations, including NUBonD, the Graduate Liaison Committee (GLC), and Women in Science and Engineering (WISER), seeking to amplify their work towards our common goals.

Additionally,  the Chemistry CARES Committee annually surveys the Department and reports back on its progress. The Committee collaborates with stakeholders across the Department and university. 


This initiative aims to foster diversity and community within the Chemistry Department by visually representing the diverse backgrounds of both current and former members.