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Fifth Year

Fifth Year - Thesis and Final Examination

The Full Original Research Proposal (Deadline: Submitted with thesis)

Between the 4th year committee meeting and graduation, the student will develop one quad-chart proposal into a full proposal (format detailed below) to be submitted as an Appendix to the Ph.D. thesis document. It is the option of the student and his/her/their advisor as to whether the original research proposal will be bound with the thesis. The student has the option to allocate time at the end of his/her/their thesis defense to the proposal (5 minutes maximum in addition to time allotted for the defense presentation), but all students should be prepared to answer questions about the proposal at the thesis defense.

Funding Extension Form - In order to continue funding past the 5th year, a student must meet with their advisor to discuss research progress. If the student is in good standing, a funding extension form must be signed and returned to the graduate program assistant in the main office.

5th Year Research Extension Form - In addition to the research extension form, a student and his/her advisor(s) must formulate a statement of what needs to be accomplished to obtain a Ph.D., along with a proposed time table. This time table is then to be submitted to the student's committee for approval, comments and proposed modifications. This process will be repeated at six month intervals until the student graduates.


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