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Fourth Year

Fourth Year - ORP

During the fourth year (the deadline is the last day of spring quarter in the fourth year), the student will meet with his/her entire thesis committee for two purposes: (i) to assess the student’s progress on his or her thesis research (the student should be prepared to informally summarize this progress, and articulate any concerns or questions), and (ii) to discuss the student’s further development of one or more of the three approved quad-chart proposals.  Begin scheduling this meeting at least 3-4 months in advance.

This will be an informal meeting – (no PowerPoint presentation by the student is necessary). By this time, the student should have chosen one of the three topics (or something closely related), and should have compiled a nearly completed list of references for the proposal and a general outline of the motivation and research plan for the proposal. These materials should be brought to the committee meeting, at which time the committee will discuss refinements to the proposal. The student passes this checkpoint if all of the members of the committee are satisfied with the development of the proposal and indicate so by signing a form prepared by the graduate program coordinator.

ORP Guidelines

4th year ORP Template



4th year ORP approval form 

Funding Extension Form - In order to continue funding past the 4th year, a student must meet with their advisor to discuss research progress. If the student is in good standing, a funding extension form must be signed and returned to the graduate program assistant in the main office.

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