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Fourth Year


During the fourth year (the deadline is the last day of the summer quarter in the fourth year). Between the 3rd year committee meeting and the end of the summer quarter of the fourth year, the student will develop their chosen quad chart outline into a full proposal (format detailed below - ORP Guidelines). The student will then make a 25-30 minute presentation and defense of this ORP to their committee, in a ~1.5-2 hour format similar to that of the QE oral examination.  Begin scheduling this meeting at least 3-4 months in advance.

The student should reserve 2 hrs for this exam, although it might take less time. The format is similar to the QE oral exam, where the student prepares a 25-30 minute presentation that mirrors and elaborates on the ORP written document and the faculty have the opportunity to ask questions about this or related material.

ORP Guidelines

4th year ORP approval form 

Funding Extension Form  - To continue funding past the 4th year, a student must meet with their advisor to discuss research progress. If the student is in good standing, a funding extension form must be signed and returned to the graduate program assistant in the main office.