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Third Year

Third Year - ORP

The process of writing an original research proposal (ORP) is broken down into three required parts. This multi-step strategy is intended to develop the skills needed for proposal writing in stages rather than in one concerted activity. These stages are: (i) literature search and topic choice, accomplished through construction of Quad Chart Proposals, (ii) topic development, accomplished through construction of an ORP outline, and (iii) writing and defense of the full original research proposal.

By the final day of the spring academic quarter of the student’s 3rd year, students must construct a set of "Quad-chart Proposals" (see linked template). These quad charts contain the key elements of original research proposals. Each proposal should be for a focused research project that could be carried out by 1 – 2 graduate students or postdocs over ~2 years. Students are required to have three quad-chart proposals approved by all of their thesis committee members (as indicated by their signatures on an approval form). Students must have their quad charts approved by their advisor prior to meeting with the rest of their thesis committee members. This approval will occur through individual meetings of the student with each of his or her committee members (there is no full committee meeting in the 3rd year).

ORP Guidelines

Quad Chart Templates

Quad Chart Approval Form - Please bring this form to your individual committee meetings. Form must be signed by all committee members and returned to chemistry main office (Tech K148).

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