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Todd Gingrich

Assistant Professor

B.S.: California Institute of Technology, 2008
M.Sc.: Oxford University, 2010
Ph.D.: University of California, Berkeley 2015

Research Statement

The Gingrich group applies analytical and computational methods to problems in statistical mechanics, stochastic thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, and biophysics. In particular, we seek principles and numerical techniques to describe nonequilibrium chemical dynamics. Inspired by biological systems that utilize chemical fuels to drive nonequilibrium processes, we aim to develop tools that can aid in the design of artificial systems with similar capabilities.

Selected Publications

N.E. Strand, H. Vroylandt, and T.R. Gingrich. Using tensor network states for multi-particle Brownian ratchets. Journal of Chemical Physics, 156, 221103 (2022). 

A. Albaugh and T.R. Gingrich. Simulating a Chemically Fueled Molecular Motor with Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics. Nature Communications, 13, 2204 (2022). 

J.M. Horowitz and T.R. Gingrich. Thermodynamic uncertainty relations constrain nonequilibrium fluctuations. Nature Physics, 16, 15-20 (2020). 

J. Li, J.M. Horowitz, T.R. Gingrich and N. Fakhri. Quantifying dissipation using fluctuating currents. Nature Communications, 10, 1666, 2019.

T.R. Gingrich and J.M. Horowitz. Fundamental Bounds on First Passage Time Fluctuations for Currents. Physical Review Letters, 119, 170601 (2017).

J.M. Horowitz and T.R. Gingrich. Proof of the Finite-Time Thermodynamic Uncertainty Relation for Steady-State Currents. Physical Review E, 96, 020103(R) (2017).

T.R. Gingrich, G.M. Rotskoff, and J.M. Horowitz. Inferring dissipation from current fluctuations. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 50, 184004 (2017).

T.R. Gingrich, G.M. Rotskoff, G.E. Crooks, and P.L. Geissler. Near-optimal protocols in complex nonequilibrium transformations. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 113(37), 10263 (2016).

T.R. Gingrich, J.M. Horowitz, N. Perunov, and J.L. England. Dissipation bounds all steady-state current fluctuations. Physical Review Letters, 116, 120601 (2016).

T.R. Gingrich and P.L. Geissler. Preserving correlations between trajectories for efficient path sampling. Journal of Chemical Physics, 142(23), 234104 (2015).

Selected Honors/Awards

  • APS Oppenheim Award (2019)
  • Physics of Living Systems Fellowship, MIT (2015)
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor, UC Berkeley (2013)
  • Fannie and John Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowship (2008)
  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (2008)
  • Rhodes Scholarship (2008)