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John A. Rogers

Joint Professor with Materials Science and Engineering

B.A., B.S., University of Texas, Austin, 1989
S.M., MIT, 1992
Ph.D., MIT, 1995


Materials Science and Engineering
Neurological Surgery; Feinberg School of Medicine
Biomedical Engineering; Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science
Chemistry; Judd A. and Marjorie Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences
Mechanical Engineering; Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science
Dermatology; Feinberg School of Medicine
CBIE - Center for Bio-Integrated Electronics

Research Statement 

Selected Publications

H. Ryu, X. Wang, Z. Xie, J. Kim, Y. Liu, W. Bai, Z. Song, J.W. Song, Z. Zhao, J. Kim, Q. Yang, J.J. Xie, R. Keate, H. Wang, Y. Huang, I.R. Efimov, G.A. Ameer and J.A. Rogers, “Materials and Design Approaches for a Fully Bioresorbable, Electrically Conductive and Mechanically Compliant Cardiac Patch Technology,” Advanced Science 10, 2303429 (2023).

Y. Zhang, G. Lee, S. Li, Z. Hu, K. Zhao and J.A. Rogers, “Advances in Bioresorbable Materials and Electronics,” Chemical Reviews 123, 11722-11773 (2023).

Y. Wu, C. Liu, M. Lapiere, J.L. Ciatti, D.S. Yang, J. Berkovich, J.B. Model, A. Banks, R. Ghaffari, J.-K. Chang, R.G. Nuzzo and J.A. Rogers, “Thermoplastic Elastomers for Wireless, Skin-Interfaced Electronic, and Microfluidic Devices,” Advanced Materials Technologies 8, 2300732 (2023).

J.Y. Lee, J. Shin, K. Kim, J.E. Ju, A. Dutta, T.S. Kim, Y.U. Cho, T. Kim, L. Hu, W.K. Min, H.-S. Jung, Y.S. Park, S.M. Won, W.-H. Yeo, J. Moon, D.-Y. Khang, H.J. Kim, J.-H. Ahn, H. Cheng, K.J. Yu and J.A. Rogers, “Ultrathin Crystalline Silicon Nano and Micro Membranes with High Areal Density for Low-Cost Flexible Electronics,” Small 19, 2302597 (2023).

W. Deng, S. Anastasopoulos, R.-A. deRegnier, N. Pouppirt, A.K. Barlow, C. Patrick, M.K. O’Brien, S. Babula, T. Sukal-Moulton, C. Peyton, C. Morgan, J.A. Rogers, R.L. Lieber and A. Jayaraman, “Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial to Evaluate a Year-Long (NICU-to-home) Evidence-Based, High Dose Physical Therapy Intervention in Infants at Risk of Neuromotor Delay,” PLOS ONE 0291408 (2023).

Selected Honors/Awards

  • Selden Lecture, International Anesthesia Research Society, 2024.
  • IMS Distinguished Lecture, University of Connecticut, 2024.
  • Ward Lecture, Villanova University, 2023.
  • ZJU Huang Minglong Lecture, Zhejiang University, 2023.
  • Penner Lecture, University of California at San Diego, 2023.
  • Linnaeus Lecture, Uppsala University, 2023.
  • Munushian Lecture, University of Southern California, 2023.
  • Pearsall Lecture, Duke University, 2023.
  • Merel H. Harmel Lecture, Duke University, 2023.
  • Kilpatrick Lectureship, Illinois Institute of Technology, 2022.
  • Yungu Lectureship (inaugural), Westlake University, 2022.
  • Kelly Lecture, Virginia Tech, 2022.
  • Thomas Bell Lecture, Cleveland State University, 2022.
  • FORUM Annual Lecture, the Academy of Medical Sciences of the UK, 2020. (virtual)