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Areas of Research

Research in the Department of Chemistry is innovative, collaborative, and interdisciplinary by nature. Faculty, postdoctoral scholars, graduate students and undergraduate students all contribute to the rich research environment.

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Research falls into the following six categories.


Biological Chemistry

The Biological Chemistry multi-division of the Northwestern Chemistry Department is divided into five areas: Bioinorganic Chemistry; Chemical Biology; Total Synthesis & Method Development; Biophysics; and Theory & Computation.

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Environmental & energy chemistry

Northwestern Chemistry faculty push the frontiers of environmental and energy science. Interests range from energy transduction to water purification to catalysis to energy storage and transport.

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materials & nanoscience

The faculty in the Chemistry Department at Northwestern University have diverse interests in materials science, especially as this field intersects with nanoscience and nanochemistry.

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inorganic chemistry

The inorganic faculty in the Chemistry Department bring an interdisciplinary and collaborative focus to their diverse interests in materials and solid-state chemistry, bio-inorganic science, and nano-chemistry.

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organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry research at Northwestern University covers many scientific areas, both those traditionally associated with the field and in areas that impact other disciplines.

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physical & analytical

The Physical Chemistry Division comprises highly collaborative research groups in laboratory measurement and theoretical and computational simulations that, in turn, work closely with the other divisions in the department to answer the most pressing questions in chemistry.

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