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Winter 2020 Class Schedule

CHEM 105-6First-Year SeminarDichtelTBD  The Chemistry of Clean Water
CHEM 131-0General Chemistry 1NorthrupMWF  11:00(141 Lab Required)
CHEM 141-0General Chemistry Laboratory 1BernsT  11:00Lab: Th 2:00-4:20 or 4:30-6:50 or F 1:00-3:20
CHEM 152-0Accelerated General Chemistry 2Hupp/MirkinMTW  9:00 or 10:00Th, 9:00 or 10:00 (162 Lab Required)
CHEM 162-0General Inorganic Chemistry LabKnezzF  9:00 or 10:00 (must match 152 time)Lab: M or T 1:00-3:20 or 3:30-5:50 or W 2:00-4:20 or 4:30-6:50
CHEM 172-0Advanced General ChemistryStairTWThF  1:00(182 Lab Required)
CHEM 182-0Advanced General Chemistry Laboratory 2BernsM  1:00Lab: W or T 2:00-4:20 or 4:30-6:50
CHEM 210-2Organic ChemistryTrzupekMTWTh  9:00(230-2 Lab Required)
CHEM 210-2Organic ChemistryTrzupekMTWTh  10:00(230-2 Lab Required)
CHEM 210-2Organic ChemistryPriestMTWTh  11:00(230-2 Lab Required)
CHEM 212-2Organic ChemistryScheidtMTWF  9:00(232-2 Lab Required)
CHEM 230-2Organic Chemistry LabNelsonF  9:00 or 10:00 or 11:00 (must match 210-2 time)Lab: MTWThF (1x/week) 2:00-6:00
CHEM 232-2Organic Chemistry LabNelsonTh  9:00Lab: MTWTh (1x/week) 1:00-5:00
CHEM 305/405Chemistry of Life ProcessesO'HalloranTTh  11:00
CHEM 319/419Advanced Organic Synthesis - Concepts and ApplicationsThomsonMWF  9:00
CHEM 342-2Quantum Mechanics and SpectroscopyGeigerMWThF  11:00
CHEM 350-2Advanced Laboratory 2Northrup/FarhaMWF  9:00Lab Required, MW or TTh 1:00-5:50
CHEM 410-0Physical Organic ChemistryWasielewskiTTh  9:30
CHEM 415-0Advanced Organic ChemistryStoddartTBD 
CHEM 432-0X-Ray CrystallographyMalliakas/SternTTh  8:00
CHEM 434-0Inorganic ChemistryBhaduriMWF  11:00
CHEM 435-0Advanced Inorganic Chemistry: Chemical Structure and BondingBhaduriMWF  9:00
CHEM 435/445Advanced Inorganic Chemistry: Chemistry of Alternate Energy (co-listed as) Advanced Physical Chemistry: Chemistry of Alternate EnergyHuppTTh  11:00
CHEM 442-2Quantum ChemistrySchatzMWF  9:00
CHEM 443-0Kinetics and SpectroscopyChenMWF  11:00
CHEM 570-0Chemistry ColloquiumOdomTBA 
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