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Deep-ocean floor produces its own ‘dark oxygen’

Franz Geiger along with an international team of researchers have discovered that metallic minerals on the deep-ocean floor produce oxygen — 13,000 feet below the surface. The surprising discovery challenges long-held assumptions that only photosynthetic organisms, such as plants and algae, generate Earth’s oxygen. Based on this study, it now appears oxygen also can be produced at the seafloor — where no light can penetrate — to support the oxygen-breathing (aerobic) sea life living in complete darkness.

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A New Way to Stabilize Perovskite Solar Cells

Perovskite solar cells (PSCs) show great potential as a source of renewable power, but their stability needs improvement. Researchers, including Mercouri Kanatzidis and Ted Sargent, are addressing this issue by developing new materials and structures to eliminate commercialization bottlenecks. By using perovskitoids, a stable material structurally similar to perovskites, they enhanced the stability of PSCs under high-temperature conditions and achieved high efficiency in large-area devices.


Researchers Uncover Hijackable E3 Ligase for Targeted Protein degradation

Xiaoyu Zhang and members of his lab made an important discovery that sheds light on the intricate mechanisms of targeted protein degradation (TPD), an emerging path to drug discovery. Recently published in Nature Chemical Biology, this study adds to the toolkit for drug development by enabling more precise targeting of specific proteins that drive cancer and other diseases.


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Roel Tempelaar is a Fall 2024 Cadence/OpenEye Outstanding Junior Faculty Award Winner


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Pam Beck received the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences 2024 Community Excellence Award

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Welcome to our Summer Newsletter! This academic year has been a challenging one for higher education, and Northwestern Chemistry has worked hard to adjust and respond to changes on campus. As is our want, though, we wrapped up a full year and celebrated appropriately. Our graduate students continue to impress with their research, recognition with national fellowships, and College teaching awards. Our staff were also honored by the College for their dedicated service. Our teaching-track faculty kept the pace, and for the third straight year, they received a College teaching award. Moreover, faculty were elected to the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and were very recently recognized as a recipient of the Kavli Prize in Nanoscience. And so, we wrap up this year! This newsletter will be my last as Chair—I’ve been grateful for the opportunity to share with you quarterly how the department is leading in research solutions to address urgent problems in energy, sustainability, and medicine; how our graduate training program is evolving and supporting student success; and how our world-class IMSERC facility and (near annual!) acquisition of leading-edge instrumentation sets us apart. As readers of our happenings, I’m sure that you can appreciate the complexity of Northwestern Chemistry. I hope that you are proud to be part of and will continue to contribute to our community.

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