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Is the cure for cancer already inside us?

Shana Kelley leads a team of human cell hunters, and they developed a unique and highly sensitive cell processor that can pull incredibly rare, disease-fighting cells out of blood. Recently, they used the device to search for immune cells that can fight cancer and uncover surprising and exciting results that may have an immense impact on the future of cancer. Shana Kelley's TedxChicago talk will get you excited about what the next era of cancer treatments may look like. 

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Innovative membrane platform enables analysis ‘down to a handful of gas atoms’

Microscopy's future is being revolutionized with groundbreaking research from Vinayak Dravid. Along with a team of researchers, Dravid has created an ultra-thin ceramic membrane inspired by nature's honeycomb structures to analyze real-time gas molecules. Explore how these scientists meticulously designed a silicon nitride microchip to minimize background scattering, ensuring unparalleled image resolution and contrast in this cutting-edge scientific discovery.

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IMSERC expands research capabilities

Integrated Molecular Structure Education and Research Center (IMSERC), a core facility of Chemistry, is excited to announce some significant new services. Dr. Songi Han's arrival this fall provided IMSERC with the ability to reconfigure space for the Han Lab's equipment and expand capabilities. These outstanding upgrades and additions have resulted in improved analytical access for NU Chemistry faculty and students.

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Kenneth Poeppelmeier received the 2023 Fray International Sustainability Award

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Casandra "Clover" Moisanu received the inaugural Nic Watkins Award 

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The faculty, students, alumni, and staff who comprise our department are dedicated to outstanding research and scholarship.

Winter Newsletter


Happy New Year and welcome to our Winter newsletter! We look forward to building on our full and rewarding 2023 that included research gains in energy and catalysis, cancer vaccines, and electronic and photonic devices. We also hosted many distinguished guests who delivered inspiring lectures in honor of our eminent emeriti faculty. Please enjoy the profiles of members in our community who make our Department so special as well as recent news of our impact on important societal problems in sustainability and human health. Finally, 2024 marks 50 years after our dear colleague Mark Ratner helped to introduce the pioneering concept of molecular electronics, which paved the way for our leading role in establishing nanotechnology years later. I hope you enjoy our latest happenings.

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