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First device to monitor transplanted organs detects early signs of rejection

Northwestern University researchers including John Rogers have developed the first electronic device for continuously monitoring the health of transplanted organs in real time. Sitting directly on a transplanted kidney, the ultrathin, soft implant can detect temperature irregularities associated with inflammation and other body responses that arise with transplant rejection. Then, it alerts the patient or physician by wirelessly streaming data to a nearby smartphone or tablet.

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Northwestern Researchers Receive $750K DOE Grant in Sustainability and Energy Catalysis

Northwestern University researchers Tobin Marks and Michael Bedzyk have been awarded a $750,000 three-year grant from the Office of Basic Energy Sciences within the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to advance understanding of sustainability and energy catalysis. The grant will allow Northwestern to remain at the forefront of cutting-edge interdisciplinary research in catalysis and to enhance the long-term sustainability of catalytic processes. 

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Hybrid catalyst produces critical fertilizer and cleans wastewater

Agriculture relies on synthetic nitrogen fertilizer, which is made using energy- and carbon-intensive processes and creates nitrate-containing runoff. Researchers have long sought solutions to reduce emissions from the industry that accounts for 3% of energy consumption each year.

A collaboration between Ted Sargent and Jennifer Dunn has found that producing the fertilizer urea using electrified synthesis could denitrify wastewater while enabling low-carbon-intensity urea production. The process, which includes converting carbon dioxide and waste nitrogen by using a hybrid catalyst made of zinc and copper, could benefit water treatment facilities by reducing their carbon footprint and supplying a potential revenue stream.

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Neil Kelleher names The Analytical Scientist Top 25 Leaders and Advocates

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Brayley Gattis (Gianneschi)– ACS Leadership in the Promotion of Research and Safety

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Fall Newsletter


Welcome to our Fall newsletter! We are excited to start the new academic year and to celebrate new arrivals in our ever-growing Northwestern Chemistry community. We were refreshed during the summer with intellectually stimulating talks as part of our named lectureship series. We have also seen the completion of a highly anticipated infrastructure project, where the Department’s first dedicated community space for students, faculty, and staff opened just in time for the arrival of our incoming graduate student class. In addition, other renovations and expansions are in progress with our distinguished IMSERC shared facility. We look forward to this season of good change and to the continued research advances that are addressing critical societal needs. Please enjoy our latest happenings. 

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