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To Make My Chemistry Classes More Welcoming, I Start by Making Students Uncomfortable

As the landscape of science evolves to become more diverse, it is crucial to reflect on our historical roots to ensure a welcoming future. Associate Professor of Instruction, Stephanie Knezz, takes a unique approach by using the first day of her introductory and organic chemistry classes to delve into the real-world consequences of science's homogeneous past. Learn more about how Stephanie’s innovative teaching practice is making a profound impact on the STEM education experience at Northwestern



Julia Kalow: PoWERing Change in Polymer Science

In the dynamic world of polymer science, connections catalyze change. Last summer, Julia Kalow and Jill Alty (MIT), joined forces to start a conference for women and gender minorities in polymer science. Recognizing the broad scope of polymer science, encompassing engineering, physics, and biology, the two women identified a gap in uniting these diverse disciplines. Their belief in the transformative power of conferences to spark creativity and foster collaborations fueled their determination to create a platform where women and gender minorities could connect, share cutting-edge research, and collectively address unique challenges.


Shape-shifting ultrasound stickers detect post-surgical complications

Researchers led by John Rogers and collaborators at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have developed a new, first-of-its-kind sticker that enables clinicians to monitor the health of patients’ organs and deep tissues with a simple ultrasound device.

When attached to an organ, the soft, tiny sticker changes in shape in response to the body’s changing pH levels, which can serve as an early warning sign for post-surgery complications such as anastomotic leaks. Clinicians then can view these shape changes in real time through ultrasound imaging.

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Congratulations Songi Han on your recent investiture as the Mark and Nancy Ratner Professor of Chemistry

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Veronica Berns was recently named a 2023-24 WCAS Arts and Sciences Alumni Teaching Award Recipient

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The faculty, students, alumni, and staff who comprise our department are dedicated to outstanding research and scholarship.

Spring Newsletter

Welcome to our Spring Newsletter! We are glad to experience the season with snow-filled days interspersed with clear skies and warm days and spring flowers. The Department continues to make important research contributions in removing forever chemicals, treating neurodegenerative diseases, and developing long-lasting solar cell materials. Our faculty have been honored with accolades for their work in improving human health and the environment; our graduate students and postdoctoral fellows have been recognized for their leadership and service activities; and our staff members have been praised for their excellent service in numerous areas critical to the mission of the Department. I hope that you enjoy these highlights as well as the stories of those in our community that make Northwestern Chemistry such a special place.

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