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Annual 2020-21 Class Schedule

Course #Course TitleFallWinterSpring
Chem 105-6First-Year SeminarBancroft
CHEM 105-6First-Year SeminarBernsHatchKnezz
CHEM 105-6First-Year SeminarPriest
CHEM 110-0Quantitative Problem Solving in Chemistry Northrup
CHEM 131-0General Chemistry 1Weitz
CHEM 132-0General Chemistry 2Freedman
CHEM 141-0General Chemistry Laboratory 1Berns
CHEM 142-0General Chemistry Laboratory 2Gesmundo
CHEM 151-0Accelerated General Chemistry 1Weiss
CHEM 152-0Accelerated General Chemistry 2Hupp/Mirkin
CHEM 161-0Accelerated General Chemistry Laboratory 1Gesmundo
CHEM 162-0General Inorganic Chemistry LabGesmundo
CHEM 171-0Advanced General Chemistry 1Schatz
CHEM 172-0Advanced General ChemistryStair
CHEM 181-0Advanced General Chemistry Laboratory 1Berns
CHEM 182-0Advanced General Chemistry Laboratory 2Berns
CHEM 201-0Chemistry of Nature and CulturePriest
CHEM 210-1Organic ChemistryNelson
CHEM 210-1Organic ChemistryPriest
CHEM 210-1Organic ChemistryDichtel
CHEM 210-1Organic ChemistryDichtel
CHEM 210-2Organic ChemistryNelson
CHEM 210-2Organic ChemistryKalow
CHEM 210-2Organic ChemistryPriest
CHEM 210-3Organic ChemistryNelson
CHEM 212-1Organic ChemistryThomson
CHEM 212-2Organic ChemistryScheidt
CHEM 212-3Organic ChemistryNguyen
CHEM 220-0Introductory Instrumental AnalysisBerns
CHEM 230-2Organic Chemistry LabKnezz
CHEM 230-3Organic Chemistry LabKnezz
CHEM 232-1Organic Chemistry LabKnezz
CHEM 232-2Organic Chemistry LabKnezz
CHEM 302/402Principles of Inorganic ChemistryKanatzidis
CHEM 306/406Environmental ChemistryFarha
CHEM 308/408Design, Synthesis, and Applications of NanomaterialsSchaller
CHEM 309/409Polymer ChemistryKalow
CHEM 313/413Organic ReactionsScheidt
CHEM 316/415Medicinal Chemistry: The Organic Chemistry of Drug Design and ActionSilverman
CHEM 333-0Inorganic ChemistryPoeppelmeier
CHEM 342-1ThermodynamicsHoffman
CHEM 342-2Quantum Mechanics and SpectroscopyGeiger
CHEM 342-3Kinetics and Statistical ThermodynamicsGeiger
CHEM 348-0Physical Chemistry for ISPHoffman/Gingrich
CHEM 350-1Advanced LaboratoryNorthrup/Nelson
CHEM 350-2Advanced Laboratory 2Northrup/Farha
CHEM 350-3Advanced Laboratory 3Northrup
CHEM 393-0Green ChemistryPriest
CHEM 410-0Physical Organic ChemistryWasielewski
CHEM 411-0Organic SpectroscopyGianneschi
CHEM 412-0Organometallic Reaction MechanismsNguyen
CHEM 416-0Practical Training in Chemical Biology Methods and Experimental DesignKelleher
CHEM 432-0X-Ray CrystallographyMalliakas/Stern
CHEM 433-0Structural Inorganic ChemistryMarks
CHEM 434-0Inorganic ChemistryPoeppelmeier
CHEM 435/445Hupp
CHEM 442-1Quantum ChemistryTempelaar
CHEM 442-2Quantum ChemistrySchatz
CHEM 444-0Elementary Statistical MechanicsGingrich
CHEM 445-0Advanced Physical Chemistry: Modern SpectroscopyChen
CHEM 448-0Computational ChemistryTempelaar
CHEM 519-0Responsible Conduct of Research TrainingMarks
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