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Spring 2023 Class Schedule

CHEM 105-6First-Year SeminarKnezzTTh  11:00
CHEM 132-0General Chemistry 2BernsMTWThF  11:00
CHEM 142-0General Chemistry Laboratory 2BethelT  11:00Lab: M or T afternoon
CHEM 201-0Chemistry of Nature and CultureBethelMWF  10:00
CHEM 212-3Organic ChemistryNguyenMTWTh  9:00(CHEM 235-3 Lab Required)
CHEM 215-1Organic Chemistry IDichtelMTWF  9:00(CHEM 235-1 Lab Required)
CHEM 215-3Advanced Organic ChemistrySilvermanMTWTh  9:00(CHEM 235-3 Lab Required)
CHEM 220-0Introductory Instrumental AnalysisHupp/BernsMWF  10:00Lab: M, T, W, or Th afternoon
CHEM 235-1Organic Chemistry Lab INelsonTh  9:00Lab: M or T afternoon
CHEM 235-3Advanced Organic Chemistry LabNelsonF  9:00Lab: W or Th afternoon
CHEM 306/406Environmental ChemistryFarhaTTh  9:30
CHEM 309/409Polymer ChemistryKalowMWF  10:00
CHEM 314/415Principles of Chemical BiologyZhangTTh  8:00
CHEM 316/415Medicinal Chemistry: The Organic Chemistry of Drug Design and ActionSilvermanTTh  11:00
CHEM 342-3Kinetics and Statistical ThermodynamicsGeigerMWThF  11:00
CHEM 348-0Physical Chemistry for ISPHoffman/KohlstedtMTWThF  11:00
CHEM 350-3Advanced Laboratory 3NorthrupMWF  9:00MW or TTh 1:00-6:00 Lab
CHEM 393-0Green ChemistryApereceTTh  6:00
CHEM 411-0Organic SpectroscopyMalapitMWF  9:00Lab: MW or TTh afternoon
CHEM 416-0Practical Training in Chemical Biology Methods and Experimental DesignKelleherMWF  11:00Lab: T 2:00
CHEM 435-0Advanced Inorganic Chemistry: Electronic Spectroscopy of Complexes of the Transition ElementsHunterTTh  6:00
CHEM 435/445Advanced Inorganic Chemistry: Chemistry of Alternate Energy (co-listed as) Advanced Physical Chemistry: Chemistry of Alternate EnergyHuppTTh  11:00
CHEM 448-0Computational ChemistrySchatzMWF  10:00
CHEM 519-0Responsible Conduct of Research TrainingSchatzW  12:00-12:50