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Fall 2021 Class Schedule

CHEM 105-6First-Year SeminarBernsMWF  10:00
CHEM 105-6First-Year SeminarGesmundoTTh  9:30
CHEM 110-0Quantitative Problem Solving in Chemistry NorthrupMTWThF  10:00 or 11:00T or W 1:00
CHEM 151-0Accelerated General Chemistry 1WeitzMTWTh  10:00 or 11:00(CHEM 161 Lab Required)
CHEM 161-0Accelerated General Chemistry Laboratory 1GesmundoF   10:00 or 11:00Lab: M, T, or W afternoon
CHEM 171-0Advanced General Chemistry 1SchatzTWThF  1:00(CHEM 181 Lab Required)
CHEM 181-0Advanced General Chemistry Laboratory 1BernsM  1:00Lab: Th or F afternoon
CHEM 212-1Organic ChemistryThomsonMTWF  9:00(CHEM 232-1 Lab Required)
CHEM 215-1-01Organic Chemistry IDichtelMTWTh  10:00(CHEM 235-1 Lab Required)
CHEM 215-1-02Organic Chemistry IGianneschiMTWTh  9:00(CHEM 235-1 Lab Required)
CHEM 215-1-03Organic Chemistry IKnezzMTWTh  8:00(CHEM 235-1 Lab Required)
CHEM 215-1-04Organic Chemistry IDichtelMTWTh  11:00(CHEM 235-1 Lab Required)
CHEM 232-1Organic Chemistry LabNelsonTh  9:00Lab: M, T, W, Th, or F afternoon
CHEM 235-1-01Organic Chemistry Lab INelsonF  10:00Lab: M, T, W, Th, or F afternoon
CHEM 235-1-02Organic Chemistry Lab INelsonF  9:00Lab: M, T, W, Th, or F afternoon
CHEM 235-1-03Organic Chemistry Lab INelsonF  8:00Lab: M, T, W, Th, or F afternoon
CHEM 235-1-04Organic Chemistry Lab INelsonF  11:00Lab: M, T, W, Th, or F afternoon
CHEM 302/402Principles of Inorganic ChemistryKanatzidisTTh  5:00 pm
CHEM 307/407Materials and NanochemistryStuppTTh  11:00
CHEM 313/413Advanced Organic ChemistryScheidtMWF  10:00
CHEM 333-0Inorganic ChemistryPoeppelmeierMWF  10:00
CHEM 342-1ThermodynamicsHoffmanMTWThF  11:00
CHEM 350-1Advanced LaboratoryNorthrup/KnezzMWF  9:00Lab MW or TTh 1-6
CHEM 412-0Organometallic Reaction MechanismsNguyenTTh  9:30
CHEM 415-0Organic NanomaterialsGianneschiTTh  5:00
CHEM 433-0Structural Inorganic ChemistryMarksMWF  8:00
CHEM 442-1Quantum ChemistryTempelaarMWF  9:00
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