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Winter 2022 Class Schedule

CHEM 105-6First-Year SeminarHatchTTh  11:00
CHEM 131-0General Chemistry 1NorthrupMTWF  11:00
CHEM 141-0General Chemistry Laboratory 1BernsTh  11:00Lab: Th or F afternoon
CHEM 152-0Accelerated General Chemistry 2Hupp/MirkinMTWTh  9:00 or 10:00
CHEM 162-0General Inorganic Chemistry LabGesmundoF  9:00 or 10:00Lab: M, T, or W afternoon
CHEM 172-0Advanced General ChemistryTempelaarTWThF  1:00
CHEM 182-0Advanced General Chemistry Laboratory 2BernsM  1:00Lab: W or Th afternoon
CHEM 212-2Organic ChemistryScheidtMTWF  9:00(CHEM 232-2 Lab Required)
CHEM 215-2Organic Chemistry IIKnezzMTWTh  9:00(CHEM 235-2 Lab Required)
CHEM 215-2Organic Chemistry IIKalowMTWTh  10:00(CHEM 235-2 Lab Required)
CHEM 215-2Organic Chemistry IIPriestMTWTh  11:00(CHEM 235-2 Lab Required)
CHEM 232-2Organic Chemistry LabNelsonTh   9:00Lab: T, W, Th, or F afternoon
CHEM 235-2Organic Chemistry Lab IINelsonF   9:00, 10:00, or 11:00 Lab: M, T, W, Th, or F afternoon
CHEM 342-2Quantum Mechanics and SpectroscopyGeigerMWThF  11:00
CHEM 350-2Advanced Laboratory 2Northrup/FarhaMWF  9:00Lab: MW or TTh 1-6
CHEM 410-0Physical Organic ChemistryWasielewskiTTh  9:30
CHEM 432-0X-Ray CrystallographyMalliakas/SternTTh  8:00
CHEM 434-0Inorganic ChemistryPoeppelmeierTTh  9:30
CHEM 442-2Quantum ChemistrySchatzMWF  9:00
CHEM 435/445HuppTTh  11:00
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